About Us

Everyone deserves to live, work, and be in a space that is designed with people, sustainability, and ergonomics in mind.

Interior design is not just a beautiful photo in the magazine. Interior design is our daily life, our comfort, and well-being.

In ZHANAR DESIGN our mission is to deliver a result that will truly respond to the Client’s requirements and resolve the pains.  And by merging functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics we achieve an outcome that will serve and inspire for many years to come.

Hello, my name is Zhanar Pinkerton and I am the founder of ZHANAR DESIGN.

Through my experience of living in many different properties across continents, both owned & rented, both old & new, I have built-up the passion and skills to deliver a space that truly works for those that use it.  For me, interior design is the marriage of aesthetics & function, and through my experience of living in poorly designed spaces, renovating properties, and building my own family home, I pride myself on creating places that feel right for the occupants.


I truly look forward to working with people and their spaces to bring out the best in design & function. 


With Love,