Located in Aberdeenshire, this property boasts beautiful features such as high ceilings, original plasterwork, and woodwork.

When working on the interior design of this place, we focused on creating an elegant combination of existing pieces and designed some very functional joinery pieces to fulfill specific requirements. 

Projects like this are a great example of bespoke interiors, tailored to showcase the taste and personality of their owners.

Macaulay Grange Project

With this project, we worked on the interior design of some areas of the house including the lounge, study & crafts room.

Through close calibration with local cabinetmakers we achieved a space that reflects the owners' artistic taste and love of traditional style with dark bold colors and natural materials. 

As a result, the design concept created an elegant and functional space that will remain timeless for many years to come.   


Private House Design

The owners of this beautiful house not only have a strong vision of what they like, but an exceptional taste and love for clean lines.

We created the design concept that reflects an elegant balanced space where we used neutral colours as a basis and added some bright statement accents through some pieces of designer furniture, lighting and accessories.

The kitchen in this project deserves a special attention. Designed & manufactured by Lethenty Cabinetmakers, it truly identifies the taste of its owners and acts as the heart of the house.

Apartment in The City

Designed for a young family, this open plan apartment in the heart of a city had to combine practicality and style.

Inspired by autumn, we used warm colours and natural textures throughout the space.

For this project we designed few bespoke pieces, including the brass tubular lighting above the kitchen peninsular and joinery.


Vibrant Studio Apartment

Having the identical floor plan to the previous project, this vibrant apartment boosts personality and creative solutions.

We slightly altered the layout of the property to suit the lifestyle of its owners. To work around some architectural elements like columns, we had to find creative ideas like concrete finish display cabinet in the hall.

Combinations of calm and statement colours, rough and smooth textures make this space interesting and modern.


Mid-century modern inspired airbnb apartment

London Chocolate shop

Rental apartment makeover