We offer a full design service that includes all aspects of the design process, from initial planning and concept to installation and styling. We will also work alongside other professionals that might be involved in the project, like architects, engineers or other.

We will work with you to understand your needs and goals, and then create a design concept that meets your budget and timeline. We will also take care of sourcing and procurement while providing support during project installation. And finally, we will style the space so it is ready for you.

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Our full design service includes 5 stages:

Stage 1. Client Brief & Design Concept Stage

This is a discovery stage that will allow us to get to know you and your needs. We will then explore options for the floor plan and stylistic preferences, and select the best one.

Stage 2. Detailed Design

During this stage, we will develop a detailed design concept and select finishes, materials, furniture, and other elements of the space.

Stage 3. Technical Design

To communicate our concept with relevant contractors, we will prepare a complete set of drawings that will reflect every detail required for installation. We will also prepare a complete list of project specifications.

Stage 4. Project Coordination & Procurement

A professionally structured procurement stage is essential for the project budget and schedule. We have professional software in place that helps us to ensure this process is smooth and through our network of suppliers and manufacturers, we can negotiate special terms and conditions for the project.

With project coordination, we will overview the works, carry out periodic site visits, liaise with contractors, and provide support as required.

Stage 5. Styling & Handover

During this final step, we will add finishing touches to bring life into the space through décor and accessories. We carry out final checks to ensure the works are completed according to design and will then welcome you in your new space and handover the project.